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About Us

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Raleigh Bankruptcy Lawyer

Sheree and Kerry of Raleigh, NC’s Cameron Bankruptcy Law

At Cameron Bankruptcy Law, we embody excellence as both a virtue and a compulsion. Our team of dedicated professionals are passionate and personable workaholics, driven to take action and achieve success. We believe in doing what is right, offering top-quality services at the right price. As a family-oriented firm, we treat our clients with the utmost care and respect. Trust Cameron Bankruptcy Law to handle your legal needs with expertise and compassion.

Sheree Cameron’s double undergraduate degree

Sheree, a distinguished graduate of the University of Tennessee, achieved the highest academic honors of “Summa Cum Laude.” With a scholarship from the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, she attained her Doctorate in Law, surpassing her peers. Her expertise as a Consumer Bankruptcy Law Specialist places her among the top 3.9% of bankruptcy attorneys nationwide. Unlike most, she is licensed in all three districts of North Carolina, demonstrating her unparalleled commitment to serving clients. With over 20 years of experience, Sheree has guided countless individuals towards financial relief as a trusted Bankruptcy Lawyer. A testament to her exceptional service, she holds an impeccable “A+” rating with the BBB® and boasts the best Google reviews in the State.

Sheree grew up in rural Tennessee,

Sheree, a proud native of rural Tennessee, overcame significant barriers to becoming the first and only person in her family to graduate from college. Growing up with a mother who tirelessly washed clothes and bedding at an elder care facility, and a father facing unemployment, Sheree learned the importance of attention to detail and the value of hard work. As a vital member of our family/team, she personally handles all the intricate legal aspects of our clients’ situations. Sheree’s dedication knows no bounds, often sacrificing sleep to work tirelessly at 2:00 or 3:00 am in order to assist clients facing a crisis. Beyond her legal expertise, Sheree is also a talented artist. Discover her captivating artwork at

Kerry Cameron grew up as a “Missionary Kid” in rural Alaska,

Kerry, who was born and raised in Alaska, has a diverse white and Native background. He served in the Army at Fort Bragg, specializing in 5th Special Forces Intelligence. Kerry obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. In addition to supporting Sheree, he is a skilled professional magician.

Kerry, Sheree’s dedicated part-time paralegal and her husband, has been an integral part of Cameron Bankruptcy Law since its inception. With a keen eye for the bigger picture, Kerry effortlessly manages an array of tasks such as handling phone calls, addressing general inquiries, coordinating the office, spearheading marketing efforts, and overseeing our website. His invaluable contributions truly make him an indispensable member of our family/team at Cameron Bankruptcy Law.

Kerry’s magician websites are: and

“Cameron Bankruptcy Law” came about

Cameron Bankruptcy Law was established by Sheree shortly after she completed law school at UNC Chapel Hill. Following her experience working for a retired bankruptcy attorney in a rural North Carolina community, Sheree identified various ethical dilemmas and made the decision to leave. Together with her husband, she founded Cameron Bankruptcy Law, dedicated to offering expert assistance in bankruptcy matters.

Around that time our 2 year old son was diagnosed

Around that time our 2-year-old son was diagnosed as “Severely Autistic”. His actions were feral, and we had dim hopes he would be able to talk. Aidan was too much for one of us to handle, so we both chose to work out of a home office. Fast forward to today. After lots of therapy, we often wonder if our son can ever STOP talking! He finished high school with academic honors! and is now attending college part-time and living at home. We are EXTREMELY proud of all his hard work. His ability to adapt and overcome inspires us every single day. Even though our son has made amazing progress, we kept our home office. We found that our clients appreciate our lower overhead and thus lower costs (less than HALF the cost of our chief competitor). They also appreciate the flexibility a home office gives us, and they love being able to call and meet with us after working hours and on weekends. Our business plan bloomed. Now our practice thrives on our website and referrals from past clients.

Sheree is now a well respected Raleigh, NC bankruptcy attorney

Sheree, a highly regarded bankruptcy attorney in Raleigh, NC, has earned a reputation for excellence. Her strong network of referrals from satisfied clients and fellow attorneys speaks to her commitment to our core values of affordability, exceptional service, and convenient accessibility. With Kerry answering her phone from 10 am to 10 pm every day, including weekends, Sheree ensures that clients can easily reach her. At Cameron Bankruptcy Law, we are proud to have Sheree as part of our team.

We also live with

We also share our home with three dogs named Winnie, Punky, and Belle. In addition, we have two large parrots, a salt-water and a fresh-water fish tank, a bearded dragon, and a hedgehog. It’s quite a lively household! Kerry also operates a mobile exotic petting zoo. These furry and feathered friends seem to think they are part of the family and can often be heard in the background when you give us a call.

Thank you for letting us share a little about ourselves.

We look forward to meeting you, hearing about your life, and helping you in any way we can. We will bend over backward to help you as long as you do your part.

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