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Bankruptcy is Dismissed

What Happens If My Bankruptcy Is Dismissed?

The majority of dismissals in Raleigh, NC

are due to people who file pro se, i.e., without an attorney and don’t know what they are doing, and people who are intentionally committing fraud.

Debts are DISCHARGED, Cases can be DISMISSED or DISCHARGED. These three terms are often mixed up by clients, and they are VERY different!

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What happens if my bankruptcy gets dismissed “As a general rule, however, excluding cases which are dismissed or converted, individual debtors receive a discharge in more than 99 percent of Chapter 7 cases filed by Cameron Bankruptcy Law.

Your case may be dismissed by the Court because:

  1. you don’t show up for 341 meetings or court;
  2. you fail to pay a fee;
  3. not filing all the required paperwork
  4. not following instructions.

You can be denied a discharge

if the Court determines that you committed any of the following acts:

  1. You have been granted a discharge in a prior bankruptcy filed less than eight years ago (for Chapter 7 only).


  2. You transfer, destroy, or conceal property within one year prior to filing bankruptcy or at any time after filing bankruptcy with the intent to delay or defraud a creditor or the bankruptcy court.


  3. You conceal, destroy, falsify, or fail to keep books, records and documents related to your financial condition and business transactions without justification.You knowingly and fraudulently in the bankruptcy proceeding:
  • make a false oath, claim or account (i.e., lie about your property, debts, or financial affairs);
  • give or receive money for taking certain action or agreeing not to take certain action;
  • withhold books, records, documents or other records from the bankruptcy court;
  • You fail to explain satisfactorily any loss of assets or deficiency of assets to meet your liabilities;
  • You refuse to obey an order of the bankruptcy court, or refuse to answer a material question.
  • You make too much money and need to switch to a Chapter 13.

Statistically Cameron Bankruptcy Law

has an over 99% chance of having the unsecured debt erased.

In other words, if you are honest, and don’t back out of bankruptcy or convert your case to another Chapter, your debts will probably be discharged. This is speaking for all Chapter 7s, not just the ones we handle.

If you fall into that less than 1%, everything goes on as if you never filed (assuming you did nothing illegal).