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Raleigh Bankruptcy Attorney

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Cary Bankruptcy Attorney

Cary Bankruptcy Attorney

As a Cary Bankruptcy attorney, Sheree and her husband/paralegal understand the stress, the sleepless nights, the marital issues, and depression that debt can give our Cary clients. It’s time to put family and yourself first, not debt.

With 18+ years of experience helping residents of Cary, NC.  Sheree is in the top 3.9% of bankruptcy attorneys nationwide. She offers payment plans, a guarantee, weekend and evening hours, and personal service.

About Sheree and Kerry

Sheree (the Cary bankruptcy attorney) and Kerry (her husband and paralegal) are a team in this family business and have 18+ years of successful bankruptcy practice.

Sheree and Kerry’s son, Aidan is autistic. When Aidan was young he required both parents supervision. Their solution was to have an office in their home. This came to be a boon for their clients because they did not need to bear the cost of the overhead a separate office brings, lowering the price.

Working from home also created another benefit for their clients, it made Kerry much more accessible, in the evenings and weekends, unlike other attorney offices.

Last, when Sheree and Kerry started out doing bankruptcy, Sheree was just out of UNC Law. They were dead broke and could not pay for advertising. Kerry, a former programmer, made a website that did well in search engines providing them with lots of clients. This also lowered their price because unlike other attorneys, they did not pay for advertising – which can be very expensive.

Sheree and Kerry were so successful with this method they continued it to this day, even after their son became more typical and is now an “A” student.

Iron-clad Guarantee

We know how worried many of our client are about whether their bankruptcy will be successful. While Cameron Law has had 100% success for all their clients (who were truthful) they provide their Cary clients with an iron-clad money-back guarantee. Sheree and Kerry will provide a complete refund of the attorney fee (see specific details).

Weekend and Evening Hours

This Cary attorney knows it is hard to get off work. Because of their home office they can see clients on the weekends and evenings, something unheard of in the bankruptcy field.

Cary Bankruptcy Attorney Offers Payment Plans

Sheree and Kerry know how hard it is to get the up-front money many Cary Bankruptcy attorneys want. This why they offer payment plans! is a lot of money (and most Cary bankruptcy attorneys charge a lot more! Why go to a Cary bankruptcy attorney who asks for their fee upfront before anything begins?

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