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Fayetteville Bankruptcy Attorney

Fayetteville Bankruptcy Attorneys -is their price worth it?

Why go with an expensive Fayetteville bankruptcy attorney when you can get one just as good a whole lot cheaper with a short drive to Raleigh?

Why are Fayetteville bankruptcy attorneys so expensive? Because they can be. Here in Raleigh, an hour away, things are a lot cheaper. We offer a ch 7 bankruptcy for only with a $50 military discount! We have payment plans so you don’t have to come up with the whole payment at once! Free consultations! Is the savings worth the trip from Fayetteville to Raleigh? That is your decision.

Iron-clad Guarantee

Yes, we provide an attorney fee money back guarantee that anyone we take on as a client can file bankruptcy successfully as long as they have disclosed all pertinent information before we take them on as a client.

Husband/Wife Team

Cameron Bankruptcy Law is a husband/wife team with 40+ combined years of experience helping people with their uncontrolled debts in bankruptcy right here in North Carolina. We understand the stress, the sleepless nights, the marital issues, and depression debt can give our potential clients.

Why Are We So Inexpensive?

As you know we are a husband-wife team, we pay no wages. Our law office is in our home. As so many people have found, working out of their home cuts overhead and allows more flexibility in our schedule.

Weekend and Evening Hours

We know y0u are working hard and can’t afford to take off time from your job to see an attorney. That is why we also offer evening and weekend hours – just for you!

Fayetteville Bankruptcy Attorney with Military Experience

The husband, Kerry, is a 6-year vet that was stationed at Ft.Bragg in the ’80’s and he understands military life. He understands how frustrating debt collectors can be, even calling your command. We do most of our work with you via email, so you can get on with your life and limit your driving to Raleigh.

So, are the savings with going with Cameron Bankruptcy Law as opposed to a Fayetteville Bankruptcy attorney worth it?