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Stop Judgments in Raleigh, NC

Stop Judgments ASAP in Raleigh, NC!

You can easily check

to see if any creditors have judgments against you by going to your county courthouse and asking a clerk where the computer is located to look up judgments on people (you don’t need to say you are looking them up on yourself). In North Carolina, you can look up judgments STATE-WIDE at any county courthouse. Make sure you print out any information you find and send it in with your worksheet. 

If you receive a notice

that a creditor has obtained a judgment against you, it is IMPORTANT that you respond by filling out the Motion to Claim Exempt Property. Whether you know about it or not, a judgment puts a lien on your real property (real estate) in the County in which the judgment is entered. To make matters worse, the judgment collects interest and often includes attorney fees. If you have equity in your real property the creditor may take your property and sell it at an auction. This is not a happy way to move out of your home! 

To compound things,

If you don’t stop a judgment, a creditor can also come after your bank account and personal property, tools, equipment, vehicles, etc. Before a creditor can take your property, you must be served a notice. At this point it is important that you fill out the Motion to Claim Exempt Property, where you must list your assets to determine if they are “exempt” or not (much like in a bankruptcy). Creditors can take nearly everything except pensions if you do not respond in a timely manner! It is IMPORTANT that we know about this ASAP if it happens! 

If you don’t stop a judgment, it will ruin your credit

Stop a judgment or the judgment can stay on your credit report for 10 years, BUT it is renewable, so it can actually stay on forever! 

A judgment can also affect a security clearance! 


You can stop most judgments in a bankruptcy. We can look for judgments against you, and I recommend it.