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Stop Medical Debt in Raleigh, NC

Stop Medical Debt ASAP in Raleigh, NC!

Stop Medical Debt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy,

Chapter 7 only removes your personal liability for medical debt to a doctor, hospital, insurance company or anyone else.: It can be considered “Joint Debt”, i.e. debt shared by married partners, but rarely is considered this.

Stop Medical Debt in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy,

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy medical debt is discharged. You may have to pay a percentage of it over 3-5 years.

If you don’t file bankruptcy on medical debt

your debt could turn into a judgment that can stay on your credit report for 20 years and ruin your credit for that time. They may also garnish 25% of your wages and 100% of your tax returns and even take property like a home or car. Call Kerry for clarification on how medical debt can affect you.