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Timeline for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Timeline For Chapter 7 and 13


This is an older version of our timeline. Please go to to download the latest version as a PDF,

1)  Free Consultation

2)  We do everything we can online through email, the phone, and a computer or tablet connected to the internet. If you don’t have internet access you will have to find another attorney. We can help you find another attorney.

3)  Change banks/credit unions if you owe any money to them. DO NOT use Wells Fargo, Bank of America or Truliant.  If you are using either Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Truliant, change your bank accounts to a different bank even if you don’t owe them any money.  You can keep your original accounts; just empty them, but we don’t recommend it.

4)  Find your Social Security Card.  If you don’t have one, IMMEDIATELY request a replacement. – We need a photo (jpeg) of it. This is VERY important.

5)  We need a photo (jpeg) of your unexpired driver’s license or State ID.  This is VERY important

6)  We need a photo (jpeg) of your face holding up your driver’s license or State ID next to it.  This is to ensure someone else is not trying to file bankruptcy in your name.

7)  ALL DOCUMENTS (except your Driver’s License or State ID and Social Security Card and selfie ) MUST BE UPLOADED ON THE QUESTIONNAIRE AS A PDF, OR EMAILED AS A PDF, OR MAILED/DROPPED OFF AS HARD COPY.  Please don’t staple them together.

If you can’t scan to PDF, you can convert them for free here:

8)  We need PDF copies of your last 2 years’ tax returns.

9)  We need PDF copies of the last 6 months paystubs.  If you don’t receive pay stubs, that is ok. We need to continue to get both until we file the bankruptcy.

10)  We need PDF copies of the last 6 months’ bank/credit union statements.  We need to continue to get both until we file the bankruptcy.  If you don’t have a bank account that is ok.

11)  Take your spouse (or anyone else) off any credit cards where they are an “Authorized User” unless they are filing with you.  Also, take yourself off any of their credit cards.

12)  VERY IMPORTANT!!! Before you get a loan, buy something of value, sell, give anything away, or be given anything of value, including money, ask Sheree first. Sheree is a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist, in the top 3.9% of all bankruptcy attorneys in the country.

13)  Pay the upfront attorney fee (can be done in installments).  Payment must be by money order/cashier’s check made out to Cameron Law (8019 Atamasco Circle, Raleigh, NC 27616), cash, or preferably Debit Card. NO PAYMENTS CAN BE PAID WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD – a debit card is fine..

Your upfront attorney fee is $1595.00 for a Ch 7 or $500.00 down for a Ch 13.  Pay on our website ( https// ) or here: ( )
MAIL the printed, dated, and signed agreement (contract) you received in the first email as soon as possible because forgetting this will delay your case. 




14)  After paying at least $300 of the attorney upfront fee, we can take creditor calls.  When a creditor calls, give them:
a) our name (Cameron Law), and
b) our number (919-627-7748), and
c) say we are representing you in a bankruptcy case (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13).

THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE FILED, it means you are filing.  If the creditor asks for your case number, say you haven’t been issued one yet because you haven’t filed, but you do have attorney representation and for them to contact us for everything.

15)  Fill out an online Questionnaire.  We are VERY thorough for your safety. First, fill out the short form and submit it.

You will be emailed a link to the questionnaire. You can also upload any PDF documents here. 

Do a thorough job; fill in EVERY blank and be detailed.  – (There is also a link on our website. https// )

This is VERY important you do a good job on the questionnaire. If you are not VERY thorough on it your filing will be delayed.

It will take at least three hours to fill out the questionnaire. When filling out the questionnaire, you will need to put down: 

a) what you owe, EVERYTHING THAT YOU OWE! YOU CANNOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT! (this includes things NOT on your credit report too.)-  If you contest the item in your credit report, put it down too!

Use at least two credit reports, and one must be Equifax.

You can pull your credit reports for free here: , or , or

b) What you own – EVERYTHING – Use garage sale value, or Craigslist value, or what you could get from a pawn shop. This includes anything you are paying on, but NOT a car or house.

c) What you (and spouse) make – Gross income, before taxes

d) Your expenses – If your expenses vary from month to month, use the highest amount.

16)  Complete $25.00 online pre-bankruptcy credit counseling class here: – You pay online to the company.  This class is only good for six months, so make sure you will be filing within that time.

17)  After you have 

a)  paid the attorney fee (cashiers check, money order or cash made out to Cameron Law), 

b)  mailed in the Agreement (Contract) to 8019 Atamasco Circle, Raleigh 27616, and
c)  finished the questionnaire, 

d)  **** Email or call us at (919-627-7748) to tell us you are done. ****

Sheree will start working on your petition.  Sheree will email you with questions as necessary. Please check your email daily!

18)  When the petition is ready, Sheree will email it to you in PDF format.  LOOK IT OVER CAREFULLY!!!  You must email back any corrections and updates.

19)  Sheree will make an appointment with you to go over the petition line by line on the phone with an internet-connected computer tablet to ensure accuracy. This will take an hour to three hours, typically an hour and a half.

20)  Sheree will then have you digitally sign your petition.  Sheree cannot file your case until she receives this.

21)  Sheree will then have you pay your court fee (Ch 7 = $338.00, Ch 13 = $313.00) within 6 weeks via Money Order or Cashier’s Check MAIL it to us in one lump sum. Payments cannot be accepted. Make it out to “Cameron Law”. We will pay the court when it arrives.

22)  Sheree will usually file your case later that day you signed the petition unless there is a legal reason not to file then.

At the time the case is filed, ALL legal action stops and you will get a bankruptcy case number. For any legal action (lawsuit) to proceed, the creditor MUST go through the Bankruptcy Court for permission. This rarely happens.

23)  Post-Bankruptcy Class 

Complete the $12.00 online post-bankruptcy financial management class here: – You pay online to the company.

24)  About a month after filing, you will have a 341 Meeting. We often call it “court”. Your meeting will only take a few minutes and is more of a formality. 

Due to COVID-19 it is currently being done over the phone. You will need to be in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed – NOT driving. While it will take only a few minutes, you may have to wait hours on a call for your turn, so have your phone charged.  Attorney Sheree will be on the call with you for the meeting.

25)  For Chapter 7 Clients ONLY: Car

IMMEDIATELY after FILING bankruptcy clients can get a car. There is no need to wait until the bankruptcy is over. We recommend “Cousin” Kera” ( 919-275-5372 ). She specializes in poor credit and bankruptcy car finance. She does not work for any dealer but works for you and the dealer pays her fee. She does work with many dealers to get you financed. You pay nothing for her services, the dealers pay a finder’s fee.

26)  For Chapter 7 Clients ONLY:  Discharge

Typically your debts are discharged and your case closes generally 3 months after filing the bankruptcy (not your 341 Meeting).

27)  For Chapter 13 Clients ONLY:  Monthly Payments – The FIRST day of the following month after your case was filed (not your 341 Meeting date) your monthly payment starts. This typically lasts for 5 years.

28)  For Chapter 13 Clients ONLY:  Debt  You cannot make ANY purchase or incur any debt over $10,000 without court permission. (This includes cars and real estate, but is not limited to just those.)  You cannot dispose of any property of value without checking with your attorney and/or getting court permission. This includes selling a house or car, among other things

29)   For Chapter 13 Clients ONLY:  Payments will be monthly for 60 months. Sometimes this can be lengthened.

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