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Writing to Creditors and Agencies

Writing to Creditors and Agencies

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Sending a validation letter to the OC, the CA, or the CRA does not take away any of your rights as a consumer!

Because Most of the letters and emailare machine read, DON’T use a computer to print it out or email it! – HANDWRITE a letter if you want a real person to read it!

Develop a litigious mindset… even if you never go to court

Imagine the detective who deliberately collects evidence – letters sent and received, credit reports, and legal recordings of telephone conversations.

Imagine an attorney in a court who calmly states his case with deadly seriousness and then sits down.

NOTARIZE signatures because they scare creditors. It looks like a polite document an attorney prepared – but nothing is required.

Screaming, cursing, threatening, etc. Will do nothing to assist your case, AND CAN HURT IT.  How do you act when someone who starts screaming over the phone, forum or via email to you?

Be patient, a VARIETY of approaches may be needed to clear a tradeline. So try them all!

1) FCBA – OC (Original Creditor)

2) FCRA – CRA (Credit Reporting Agency “credit bureaus”) and

3) FDCPA CA (Collection Agency)

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